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  1. The Secret Signing - Ben Stokes

    In the current world of the many different platforms and different opportunities for people to contact me, I often get contacted in different ways, whether that’s on social media platforms, via email or my website or on the phone. I don’t so much get letters and carrier pigeons these days…

  2. Play with a Legend (Newcastle legend John Beresford)

    As a 90s football fan - or a Newcastle fan growing up in the 90s, the entertainers were really, really a team that hit a lot of buttons as a football fan and entertained the nation. One of those players that did a lot of that was John Beresford and…

  3. SnapGolfer

    Sports photography in frosty Northumberland.  One of the last shoots of 2020 was on the fairways of Newbiggin Golf Club for a new company launching in the next 2 months. Snap golfer is the go to place for your golfing needs! I know that sounds like a sales pitch but…

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