Sports photography in frosty Northumberland. 

One of the last shoots of 2020 was on the fairways of Newbiggin Golf Club for a new company launching in the next 2 months. Snap golfer is the go to place for your golfing needs! I know that sounds like a sales pitch but its an awesome collaboration between Arron Arkley and Ryan Ingram. Go check out their site here

So the shoot was on a cold morning on the Northumberland coast, as you can see by the number of layers everyone had on it was a challenge to keep warm! But the golf and the images / video courtesy of Danny and the team made it worth while. 
It was challenging conditions with the low sun, frosty floor and changing light with the cloud belt coming over from the sea. This gave a mix of settings for the images and a great set to work with. I was heavily layered up but the cold on my fingers did create its own challenges at times. 
This was a joint shoot with a full video production team so it was fun fitting between 3 cameramen and additional support team to get the images I needed but having worked in this setup before, I got some images I was happy with and provided a great set to keep the social channels of the Snapgolfer team going till launch. 
You will have seen me shooting on golf courses as part of my Fore Business networking but it was great being able to shoot real people playing without the pressure of my next shot! 
I said in a LinkedIn post late last year about getting more sports images in my portfolio and this was certainly a shoot for that and one I really enjoyed. It may also have the most amount of out-takes from a shoot too but that is for the golfers to laugh at not all you lot!
If you are a sports professional, team or brand and are looking to get some new images, get in touch for a chat and we can plan out how to capture you and your brand.  

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