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Having shot well over 250 properties over the last three years, I’ve experienced all manner of shapes and sizes, from shepherds huts and glamping sites, all the way through to large mansions and my approach to it is the same across the board. I always take two sets of images: the first one is wide angle images around each one of the rooms. This gives the people that are looking for the space and how they can see themselves fitting into it. So, the bigger and wider shots always do go well. That’s obviously taking into account technology and not making the rooms look too big. It’s a fine balance between a camera can make a room look absolutely enormous when it isn’t and I think it’s always important for photographers to make the rooms look appropriate size and not try and skew them one way or the other, of bigger or smaller than they actually are.


For the second set of pictures, I always take more of an artistic or a more creative set of images in each of the rooms, showcasing the details of the features of the room. Again, this is for the people that look at things and are, ‘How do I feel? It’s got all the things I need…” or it showcases certain elements of it. If it’s a lovely fireplace or stained-glass windows or technology, so specific TVs and broadband facilities and that sort of thing. And so, by giving both elements of it, it covers two different people’s thought processes when they’re booking a space, because some people are more interested in what the facilities are and some people are more interested in the amount of space. And that works for both serviced accommodation and holiday lets.

So for me, what makes a good property image? It needs to be light and bright. I know I mentioned about not trying to skew things too much with the size of things. If it’s a quaint, old cottage that is quite dark, we do need to lighten that up a little bit, because if it looks too dark it’s going to put people off a little bit, so bringing it up to a level that you can see everything and appreciate that it’s a nice and welcoming space, is really handy. Then on the flip side, if it’s really, really light and bright, I always incorporate the windows. I shoot multiple exposures on each image and pull the windows through, so even if it’s light and bright, it’ll end up just bringing more of the outside in, which obviously has a big impact and showcases it, because otherwise a big, light and bright room can often look like the highlights are blown and a bit too white and the windows giving too much light.

So for me, a great photography image is one that is appropriate and not too fake and when the owner sees the pictures, they go, ‘Oh wow, that makes this space look really good!’ And that’s a great starting point for me.

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Amazing, absolutely gorgeous photos. Gavin did an absolutely fantastic job. I could not be more pleased. Thank you so very much. Gavin has a really nice clear style. He is able to make something ordinary visually inspiring. I am really happy with what Gavin was able to present.

Rupert Paget

Blackpool Property

Thanks again for the photos of the house, really appreciate it! Got quite a few bookings already!


Phelan Property

They look exactly as I wanted them too, thank you!


10 Homes

Thanks so much! This is our first property, so will come back to you when we get our second one ready!


  Nuvoke Property Solutions  

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