Are you planning your company golf day or supporting a charity day? How much better will the follow up social media with some cracking images of the players and also the feeling of the day. 

2022 seems to be the year of the Corporate Golf Day. So as obviously, you should all know by now, that I’m a golfer. So this year I had a lot of invites to different Golf Days as a player. But because of playing these days over the years and a lot of the charities knowing me from the work I’ve done with them over the years, because obviously I do a lot with various charities across the North East. And I’ve been asked to shoot the day, to get as many shots of golfers and fun things going on. And it’s really great to be part of it, even though I’m not playing, there’s guaranteed to be clients that I end up speaking to, because that’s the nature of a Golf Day, I end up seeing people I know. So, I thought I’d better get this written down and into a bit more of a package, because all the Golf Days that I’ve done, the feedback’s been absolutely fantastic and to be able to have fun on the golf course, send the team out there, myself taking pictures, it’s just great to be part of it and support charities in the way that they work. So, have you got a Golf Day planned for 2023? It’s going to be busy, if this year’s anything to go by! If everybody that did a Golf Day this year, does one next year, there’s going to be a lot of invites flying around and lots of different people getting invited to this, that and the other. Get in touch if you’d like me and the team to be part of your Golf Day, to really capture those memories of the day, but also to capture images that people don’t often see. Something I’ve done for Grace House this year, and something I did for the Red Sky Foundation, was to shoot all the golfers taking part, getting them as they hit a tee shot and getting the ball in flight and impact. Now, it does maybe highlight a few people’s swings that aren’t quite what they think is happening at impact, but on the flip side, it’s a photo that, as a golfer, it’s not something that people do on a regular basis. It’s something that has worked really well and something that has put smiles on a lot of people’s faces, seeing themself in a position that they wouldn’t normally do. Does this sound like a good plan for your Golf Day going forward? Let’s have a chat. Obviously, to get the team out to multiple things in multiple weeks, just trying to get everything in the diary, so the sooner we know things, the sooner I can get them planned in. So if you are planning your Golf Day, let’s have a chat.   

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