Event photography covers a wide range of activities. That could be sporting events, it could be gala dinners, it could be training sessions. It’s things where you have a lot of people congregating and you want to capture the feel and the dynamism in the event so it means that for next year you can increase bookings or those once-in-a-lifetime ones, where it really captures people in a room together that wouldn’t normally be together. 

Over the years it’s been great to see the evolution of event photography and that in the past, it was very much a photo booth station and that’s kind of it, you know, and a gala dinner. Whereas nowadays, we still do a really nice lighting set-up for the start of the event but equally we spend more time out in the crowds, engaging with people and getting pictures a little bit more relaxed and a little bit more of them having fun rather than staged photos. I think these days increasingly, I get told that,

‘Oh, I don’t usually like my picture taken, I don’t want my picture taken.’ And there’s this social media perception that, because of the pictures on social media, everybody loves their picture taken and everybody’s really happy with their picture being taken and this really, really isn’t the case for people in their lives where a camera is not in their face on a regular basis.

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