Verisure - Brand Photography

Verisure UK. 

 Now if like me, you’ve been on any of your social medial platforms over the last six months or so, you’ll have seen an advert for Verisure Alarm Systems which offer monitored alarm systems for homes and businesses all over the world. Now, I assumed they were a UK business when I first got this enquiry but actually it turns out – having shot for the that covers Peru and Spain and various other bits, it was a fantastic experience of a couple of days shooting here in the North East, but covering such a wide gamut of places. 

So the brief for Verisure was around three main points. One being the installers working on a British house, paired with some headshots for internal use and may be potentially a little external use, but most predominantly around internal use. And then finally some, some final product images of their new range of equipment. Obviously, two days is a long shoot but when it’s capturing this many people and this many things going on it was a fun challenge The company itself are very slick, they’re very on-brand, they’re very on message, so being in the offices, it was very easy to capture the number of logos to really feel like we were part of that – that each of the pictures were part of the Verisure brand. 

When shooting at the house, it was a case of taking images that didn’t showcase the house, it was more about the installer and the smile and happy faces from the installer, actually putting the units on the wall and explaining to the residents what benefits they can have from doing this. It was also great to be able to capture some of their signature products actually working. So they have a building set up in the Newcastle office that can showcase their ZeroVision Alarm, which allows for remote smoke systems to deter any potential perpetrators in the property. So it was great to be able to capture that actually going off and filling a room with smoke. 

It’s going to be great to see where these pictures end up from the marketing team because it was great to be working with the UK and the international marketing team and hopefully these pictures get to go a little bit more. It was certainly fun seeing my photos come back at me on social media and obviously, we’ll have to have a chat with their ads team for me getting the adverts, but yeah, I’m seeing pictures that were taken in the garden already coming back to me on social media, which is great to see.

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