The Umbrella Project - at The Hub, Consett

As you know, I talk a lot about Celebrate Difference and the impact that it’s made on my life. So when they started to develop a project with the ADHD Foundation and bring in neurodivergence to a wider audience, being able to promote it in a slightly different way, I couldn’t not be part of it. 

So I had the pleasure of being part of the Mini Expo and having my ADHD Foundation umbrella that I sponsored, obviously to fit with all of my branding and that sort of stuff, displayed at The Hub and seeing everyone’s faces of the amazing things that were going on in the building was just great. I know it’s a badge that I wear and it’s a topic that I talk about, because it has had such an impact on my life and ADHD is very much in the media at the moment. I don’t particularly like the narrative that’s being played out at the moment, you know, how ‘everybody’s got it’ and ‘it’s just a thing that influencers are doing’. I don’t particularly like the narrative but I know for a fact that I’ve definitely got it and the systems and support that I’ve got in place are helping me and my business certainly wouldn’t be in the positive place that it is without that support and without that knowledge that I’ve got the back-up of some people that can really help to fill the holes in my knowledge or actively help me out when I get into a pickle on some of the things that I can’t instantly resolve. 

So the Umbrella Project is up at The Hub in Consett and it will be there for a while, it’s a fantastic installation and worth it if you’re in Consett anyway, just call in for a cuppa and be part of the umbrellas and the message that they give out. Here are some images of the umbrellas in situ and some from the expo itself of some people that have either been directly or indirectly involved with neurodivergence and more specifically, I think for most of us, ADHD. Go check it out!

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