Project Groundwater - Promotional images

Being back in the North East for 10 years now, I still remember my time away and being able to call the North East home means a lot and to be back living in it is fantastic, so when a conglomeration of local agencies come together and ask me to do some photos for their joint project that they are doing was a bit of a no-brainer. Project Groundwater is a project that links Newcastle City Council, Gateshead City Council, Environment Agency and Northumbrian Water, along with the Coal Board, to address some key issues, specifically in the North East, but again to raise awareness in general of the impact of the coalmining industry on groundwater deposits in the area.

To just be part of something as impactful to communities as this, where in my past having worked directly in communities on similar multi-agency approaches, it’s just really good for me. I mean, the photos I have taken so far for it have ranged from headshots for the team through to on-site water coming out of the ground, to meetings and the outreach team actually working with the community, along with actually the launch event recently which was full of all the local dignitaries to find out more about the project.
Just being involved in this has been fantastic and being able to capture the different elements of it in one project, but in various shoots has really been an enjoyable experience. In the medium to long-term, there are more elements of this project lined up so I am looking forward to working with the teams in more detail going forward once the website is live and once the key library of images and things are all set up. It’s going to be great to see the journey that the team goes on.


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