PRESS COVERAGE - Local Hero and Mint Business

Even though we are in lock down its still great seeing my work featured in the local press. One being a new ish image and one being from years and years ago! 
I often forget to share some of these, it’s easy to not grab a copy of the paper or forget to screen grab. But these are really great things to get out there and something we should all be watching our clients social media channels for our work being featured. 
So, I have worked with Nicola from Mint Business Club for the last 8 years and have been featured all over the place. This last week or so it’s been because of the companies new director (Paul smissen). I have included a couple of places it went but not all. The maestro Keith Newman has got them some amazing coverage. 
The other news story is a new one featuring again a client I have had for pushing 10 years! Mark has been producing amazing music for years but this time he has outdone himself. By getting the support of Mark Knopfler he has released an amazing version of Local Hero in support of the NHS. He has already raised over £2500 and its only going wider!
The photo included in this one that features Mark and a piano was taken for his album Lightburst. It involved lots of heavy lifting of said piano but the sun played ball and we got some stunning images.
So, a mini challenge for today is to go and hunt out the last time you were featured in the press and give me a tag. it would be great to see what you have been up too. 

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