Phil Mustard - Sporting Headshots

This photo was taken a good couple of years ago – it popped up in one of my one of my memories recently and it was it was a great shoot to be part of. I managed to play golf with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Phil Mustard, ex-England cricketer, Durham legend.

It was great to play golf with him around George Washington and a bit of a chat with his wife who was working for various different companies at the time. She had made the suggestion for Phil to get some more headshots done for various promotional things that he was getting involved with. I think the word ‘modelling’ was mentioned over a giggle, but I think it was more for his TV work and presenting but I’ll give him the credit for that one. I don’t know if Louise actually had him as a model. But, we went and did the shoot, we found some really cool locations on the Quayside and it was such a giggle as a shoot.

And it’s really funny, the one thing he said I’d never see was him with a cricket bat in his hand again. And lo and behold, roll forward to 2024 and his Instagram is FULL of pictures of Phil with a bat in his hand which was comedy. So yes, Phil is back on the cricketing scene in the Indian Premier League veteran series. It’s just fantastic. You know what I’m like with sportsmen, I mention them a lot as I’m always fascinated by people in high end sport and it never goes away does it? I think as soon as that request came in to be on the Indian subcontinent hitting balls around and making some cracking scores, it was a no brainer.

So this is just a bit of a throwback and something that made me smile when I saw it pop up on my phone. Keep an eye on Mr Mustard and his Veterans IPL action and also keep an eye out for him on the fairways and byways of the North East. Actually a quick shout out to his son Haydon who’s just getting picked up in his cricketing sphere, I think playing for Durham County and England Under 19s.

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