Opia - Team event at Wylam Brewery

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This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really great global companies that have all come together for their showcase events and team briefings that allow the staff to get messages from the higher managers, to really bring everybody together, to make sure that everybody’s on message and going in the right direction.

One of the most recent ones was Opia, who are a creative sales promotion agency. They came together at Wylam Brewery, around 150 staff from all over the world to their home base in the North East. It was really great hearing a bit more about the business, from a strategic perspective, but also it was good just to see people’s faces and people being able to talk. When companies have a lot of remote workers and people all round the world, coming together and being able to talk face to face – as much as Zoom and everything’s brilliant, to see them laughing and joking in a completely different way than they could sat in their home offices, is really good.

So from a photography sense, we did some white background headshots, to make sure we had consistency across the team across the globe. And then we also did a lot of event shooting when people were on stage (and a bit of dancefloor partying), some group shots and overall it was just a cracking, if not rather long, day. At a really cracking venue. if you haven’t been into Wylam Brewery, it’s really worth going, even for a beer in the Tap Room, or if you’ve got an event there, it’s worth sticking your head in, just to see the amazing space and what they’ve done with it. I think I sort of remember it was the Imperial War Museum as a kid, I feel like I can remember seeing a tank somewhere, whether it was outside or inside, I can’t remember. But certainly that would have been in the mid-eighties. Oh God, that sounds like I’m ancient. Well no, I am ancient, but still… It’s a cracking venue and certainly one I’ve shot quite a few times, with my wedding photography hat on, pre-Covid.

It’s always been a great venue and the staff have always been great, so here’s some pictures from the day to showcase the day.

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