Again, this last week I’ve seen a lot of talk of mindfulness
and taking time out of your day just to relax and do some meditation or really
push some headspace.

Now for me I often struggle due to the ADHD.  My head is here, there and everywhere at the
best of times so it is something that I’ve always thought was a good thing and
something I wish I could do more of.  But
there feels as thought there’s that little bit more push or pressure even more
recently to have it included.  So that
got me thinking – is it actually the word that is making me stumble with this
one?  I often get fixated on words and
how the connotations of that word actually end up restricting or changing how
my outlook is or how I see things.  I think
‘mindfulness’ might be one of those.  I
see it as sat on a yoga mat or what you see on social media mindfulness – all the
words that come with mindfulness all jump in my head as soon as I see the
word.  Now for me, I’m slightly different
to that and I find that if I walk my dad’s dog and I have music on my new noise
cancelling headphones which are amazing, that is enough to completely take me
away from anything else.  I can really
walk away from that.  Once I take my headphones
off and I’ve left the dog, I feel better and I feel relaxed and feel a lot
better.  Now is that mindfulness or is
that just listening to music while you walk the dog?  Again, it’s back to this word thing that I
associate certain things with mindfulness and whether that’s right or wrong, is
it a case of finding what is mindful for you?

I don’t know, is this me waffling on about words again?  I don’t know, possibly!  It’s an interesting concept though.  These little breaks a few times a week now
when I walk my dad’s dog with music blasting have really made a difference and it
keeps me calmer, starts the day well as I’m doing these around 6.30 in the
morning.  It starts the day differently
and it’s been productive and I’ll see how it continues to be productive.  

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