Michael Offord’s Opticians - Location and Headshots

It was great seeing the team again at Michael Offord’s Opticians. I shot a press piece for a London agency with Michael and the team earlier in the year and Michael collared me straight away and said, ‘I need some new team pictures, once I get the team fully lined up and sorted, can you come in and do some pictures of the team?’ Which obviously I’m more than happy to accommodate and as to his words, Michael got me in a couple of weeks ago to get some nice new team pictures. 

It was very much an opportunity to make sure that his company was on brand, on message on what he wanted to show, that what an independent opticians can really look like. It was very much to take away from the safe as houses white background, clinical approach that a lot of opticians take, and a lot of other businesses take. It was nice to get some glasses in the background, to get some feel and some warmth from the space that they’re in. And it was really good to see the team smiling and laughing all together. I don’t know when they all work, because there was so many staff for the size of the space, the shift pattern must be good to get everybody in. But they’re a great team and just being able to capture a bit of what goes on in there was great and fingers crossed, when the team expands, which no doubt is in the pipeline, it’ll be good to go back and see them. 

 So, if you’re looking for an opticians, Michael and the team are based just out of Kingston Park and I certainly need to go and visit after the looks of horror at what was on my face and what’s happened to the coatings on my glasses. I’ll not say where it was from, but yeah, the coatings on mine have really done some damage. I mean obviously I wear my glasses every day, but I’m just looking at them there now and they really aren’t great. So, Michael, I’m going to go in and get them to have a look at my glasses and get some new ones, which is probably the shortest time between renewing my glasses for quite some time, actually, because these are only 18 months old and already the glass on them has gone completely. But yeah, if you’re looking for an opticians, go and have a look at Michael’s.

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