Lost Voice Guy Shoot

We all know it’s great to see local people on the TV and I do always get a buzz about being able to shoot people that I’ve come across on TV and that sort of stuff and this is a kind of a combination of both. I got contacted by a specialist wheelchair manufacturer from down in Liverpool that has produced this fantastic bit of kit – I couldn’t believe how amazing it was – for the man, the myth, the legend, the North East maestro, Lost Voice Guy.

So, I managed to get to go and meet him at his flat and he showed me this amazing bit of kit. In my world, wheelchairs kind of go back and forward, if that makes sense, as in like a car. This thing does all of that and then sideways as well. It’s got these like articulating wheels that just… ah, it’s absolutely brilliant and all dead easy to control. It’s an amazing bit of machinery just in general, but to see the flexibility that it’s giving Lee is just absolutely brilliant.

The brief was to capture a couple of images of the new bit of kit with him in it. Obviously we did that and then we got some extras, some family pictures for him and his mam and all of that, it was just a really fun, North East-connected shoot. To meet a Britain’s Got Talent winner was absolutely fantastic and he was just generally a really nice guy and surprisingly funny as well, as you know!

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