Health balances

I may or may not have mentioned this before but with some changes at home, I’ve gained some more hours in my week.

I know, “What is this magic you talk of extra hours in your week?!” I hear you cry!  For however many years, I’ve done a lot of the school drop-offs and pick-ups at my child’s school due to how the timings work out.  So on a morning, I’m usually nine o’clock drop-off which many parents on here will know does give some restrictions on certain days where you can’t be working somewhere as early as you’d like to be. Roll forward to September and the little one starts at my wife’s school so my wife will take her along every day which has freed me up a good 10 or so hours a week which is significant from a time perspective and a health perspective.  It’s become clear that I’ve been that busy that often my fitness and wellbeing haven’t quite been as good as they could be and I think we’re probably all guilty of that in some way or other.

So these extra hours are obviously going to be a big push to do certain things in the business and do things differently and create new opportunities and grow the business BUT there’s also the opportunity to breathe a bit and to look at some extra things that I will have the time to do for myself health-wise that just make everything else that little bit better.  I’m no spring chicken these days.  I was speaking to Omar the other day on a Zoom and jokingly said something like, “Oh I’m a lot older than you,” and he said, “Yeah, there’s like 16 years between us.”

I don’t particularly feel old in any way at all but all of a sudden I’m like, “Oh yeah, I’m 41 and time is passing and I need to get a bit of a health kick going.”

So things are going to change in September and I don’t want to fall into the trap of just doing extra social media posts or just doing little things for the business.  We’re told it will be beneficial for the business and bring more money in which gives more potential free time further down the line, and all that, but every week I need to be doing something for myself and that’s where I need to figure out my plan at this point.

What tips have you got for getting more out of your week from a health perspective?  For the rest of my life, I know how tricky it is to fit it into normal life, hence I am where I am.  So I’m hoping that these 10 hours will at least give me an opportunity to push some of these things.  

Come on what tips have you got for getting the best out of your week? 

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