Everglow Media- Sisk Shoot

I was on the road to York and Leeds a couple of weeks ago, working for a big infrastructure company, doing some massive works to the rail network and surrounding local infrastructure. The reason I was down there was actually golf and I love tying things back to golf, as you know, got to justify all this time on the golf course for getting work from it, hasn’t it?! 

So this one is again through the Fore Business Network. A very nice gentleman called Chris Andrews who I’ve known, probably since I joined actually. We talked very early on in lockdown, there were a few Zooms that we ended up on together and had a chat and we’ve always got on well. We’ve not actually played golf together ironically, as yet, because he’s all the way down in Bedford, but we’ve always kept in touch and if stuff comes up, we always try and see what we can do. 

I don’t know if Chris knows I do a lot of sort of property and construction-type projects, so when a job came up from his perspective, all the way up in Leeds and York, more than a half a country away, he got in touch because it’s only a couple of hours from me. And it was great kind of being able to join the dots and do a project together. On that same day as well, he was shooting for the same company, doing video down south and I was up doing photos at these two locations. And that kind of joining up of a conversation that we’ve had since lockdown has been great and it’s always appreciated. I know that we can’t be everywhere in the UK. As you know, financially it isn’t always viable for some projects, it certainly wouldn’t be financially viable for Chris to come all the way up from Bedford to Leeds and York to shoot this one with the overnight stays and all that sort of goings-on. It was much more cost-effective for him to get me to do it and I would certainly reciprocate that in London and that neck of the woods, if it isn’t feasible for me to do it. I have a team around the UK in different locations that I call on to help me out. Whether that’s working together or directly together on a project or remotely and working for me. 

So yes, my golf networking does work. I’m not trying to convince myself of that one; I know my numbers, I’ve got all the percentages down of where all my work comes from. I know how much I made from golf this year. Yes Sean, I’ll tell you at some point, because I know you like your numbers of how many times my membership I’ve managed to pull in over the year. But yeah, I think again it comes round to my data and the way my head works that it’s nice to be able to put a number to an exercise, so I can put down if I want to the number of hours I spent on a golf course over the last year versus how many jobs have come in and how much money has come in. As long as the numbers justify themselves in my head that it’s a worthwhile spend of my time, because time is expensive, I’m going to obviously continue and I think you get out what you put in. 

So, since then I’ve driven down to Bradford to go and see James Hall and again, the ever-present Michael Stewart. Oh and Nigel Bowers as well! These are people I’ve known for a significant amount of time and to be able to be back in the sphere of Yorkshire and play a bit of golf in Yorkshire is always a good thing. So yes, golf will be continuing and I will be doing regular updates, because I know you all love all these golf updates or are getting sick of all these golf updates – take your pick! It’s not going to stop me from doing them! Yes, Fore Business, it’s a no-brainer, there you go. 

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