Dysart - Location Shoot

It may have been the windiest day I’ve ever been to in Consett, and that’s saying something! If you’ve been Consett before, you know it’s windy a lot of the time - and often snowing! 

I’m friends with lots of people in Consett and I tell them exactly the same thing. But it was great to shoot for Dysart and for Mike Clark whom I’ve known for a good number of years and to capture some pictures of the finished works at Hownsgill Industrial Estate; this was to get some drone images above the property and also promotional images to be able to promote the finishing of the works and the opportunity to get them filled and also to promote future sites in the area. 

This picture has been again on my business cards and it’s been on the website for a while. It just makes me smile maybe because that map and those plans that are in their hands were the biggest bit of paper I’ve seen in ages and it was quite a challenge trying to get that to sit in the right place as you’re shooting and get them to smile at the same time. I had my big light in there and all that too. 

It was a great shoot, I really enjoyed it and I hope the pictures come out. Well, it’s great to do a little bit of a mix on all my shoots. I always enjoy the ones where I get to do a mix of things; so a bit of headshots, a bit of PR, a bit of architectural – the big spacey things all combined in one shoot to just give a nice wraparound service to the client and give them options to be able to promote both the end result and the process that they’ve gone through to get there. 

So have you been lucky enough to go visit these sites and know where they are in Consett? They are definitely worth a look at if you’re looking for some space - assuming that there’s any vacancies the moment! I’m saying that and most likely they’re all completely full but keep an eye out if they ever come up again because they’re a cracking space.

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