Clifford Chance - Arcus Project

Clifford Chance is a world-leading company with offices all over the world; Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Newcastle, you know the hub of everything is Newcastle, it certainly is in my world.

This is the second or third event I’ve shot for them now and this one being their Arcus event which is something they’ve done apparently for about 15 years and it’s showcasing artwork by LGBTQ+ artists and just bringing all of their LGBTQ+ staff members together, allowing conversations to be had and discussing things. Just a real bringing together and a real positive side about things that often get overlooked and not discussed in offices.

Clifford Chance have taken a very positive approach to making a difference to people’s lives within the business. So around the office this artwork is up there for a significant period of time. It’ll be up there for a couple of months. So this was the bring together, this art event moves around the world and this time it happened to be in Newcastle and to see both the artwork and also the conversations and the discussions with the Curator was a really interesting event and one that brought eyes onto a topic that doesn’t always get the focus it deserves.

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