Best Phone Apps for Photography


Which app do you use for taking photos on your phone? 

The stock one that your phone tells you to use? 

Is it the best? 

So, I like most of you do use my phone a fair bit in the week for behind the scenes and where I am photos. I like to have a bit of control over my images but also I want to be able to closely match my main camera work. To do this I have found some apps that work for me. 

As a camera- VSCOcam -

It works just the same as the normal camera but the editing options are way better. The presets are just a start, the things you can dive in to with the specific editing is so useful. 

Extra editing -Lens distortions -

This app lets you have a play with the full lens distortions pack that I often use on my main work. Not for every photo but it is useful. I’m happy to do a 121 to show you how these work if you feel they could help your business. 

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