So, how many assumptions did you make this morning? About the weather? About the way today will pan out?

I get asked where I did my degree in Photography

Well, you all assume I have a degree in Photography, Nope my degree is in Chemistry! I have a degree in straight Chemistry and also a Mres in Clean Chemical Technology ( ‘Novel green methods of decolourisation of Lignosulfonate’)

It’s crazy how people assume that you must be classically trained in a topic to be an expert… Well no. I’m assuming that there are a fair few people reading this that have qualified in something totally different to what you have ended up with a passion for.

In the years between university and today, the majority of my learning has been through talking and practical experience with a camera. I have had the chance to learn from some of the world’s best ( Fer Juresti, Brett Florens & Kevin Mullins to name a few). It’s weird how learning styles change and evolve. I’m not sure that I could actually learn sat in a lecture hall anymore !!

Come on, comment below with where your journey started and how far it has evolved to where you are now.

Also here is a laugh at me in my gowns as proof of doing that learning lark. And yes that’s the golf team with prizes too James Mason Josh Blavins

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