AirBnB - Team Photographer

It was a real pleasure recently to be asked to be part of the AirBnB photography team, which is a global list of photographers shooting directly for AirBnB. As you know, I’ve shot property for years, for holiday lets and the likes of Host & Stay and Properties Unique and various others. I know that a lot of those pictures end up on AirBnB eventually, but it was great to be reached out to by AirBnB directly, to be on their list of photographers covering the North East.

And it’s been good just to shoot in a slightly different way. They gave me a rather large wad of paper with criteria, because obviously AirBnB are trying to get a consistent approach across all of the world. So I had quite a tight brief to work to, which was slightly different from a technical perspective and to what I’d been shooting for all the other properties. The end result wasn’t too far away, but it was a technical thing that they needed it shot in a certain way. And that’s all fine, you know, we work to briefs all the time and slight variations on briefs is fine.

So yes, it took me a couple to get my head round it, the first few took a little bit longer than they would normally, just because of getting my head in the right place. But yeah, we delivered on those and I’ve shot a good fair few for them now. Being able to say that I’m part of the AirBnB photo team, as much as it’s not an award of anything like that by any stretch, it’s nice to be able to say, if somebody does ask about a property, that I can say that I am fully part of the recognised team of photographers that work directly for AirBnB.
If you’ve got a holiday let or you’re looking to make a bit of a side income from part of your property and AirBnB is something that you’re thinking about, more than happy to have a chat, or to send examples over of what the expectations are from AirBnB in reality.

As ever, the cabin in the woods pictures that come through from Airbnb, ‘this is what your property needs to look like,’ and you’ve got a sun room at the end of your garden, it’s quite difficult to visualise what you can do, but I can send plenty of examples of what we’ve had on AirBnB and have gone down really well and worked really well. So yeah, more than happy to have a chat about properties and anything property photography-related.

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