Professional Photo Shoot

Client: Elevon Fashion Show

  • Photo taken from photo shoot for commercial client Elevon Fashion Show

North East fashion brand Bo Carter came to me looking for a collection of uniquely creative photographs to be taken at a Newcastle upon Tyne city centre fashion show. This award winning designer commissioned me for some promotional photography: to shoot her garments at one of her North East events, the Elevon Fashion Show in Newcastle. This fashion event was the business' first visit to Newcastle and an opportunity the spread the word about Bo Carter's unique fashion brand, so it was important that they had some equally unique photographs. Other photographers has taken photos of Bo Carter's collections at fashion shows in the past, however Bo always felt that the 'standard' fashion show photographs never truly reflected her unique style.


Bo Carter, a unique up-and-coming fashion designer based in Leeds, but originally from Poland, has a simple but clear vision for her fashion 'be unique, be bold and most of all be ethical.' It was therefore essential that the promotional photographs I created had to match the business' vision of being unique and being bold. She wanted a collection of creative photos, of her independent fashion brand, that showed the contemporary garments from a 'different angle' to complement her quirky, forward thinking style.

Bo Carter was thrilled with her promotional photography and loved that my unique creative style had given her images that stood out from the crowd. My creative photography style allowed her to have a stunning collection of promotional photographs that celebrated the uniqueness of her fashion brand and perfectly reflected her business vision: exactly what promotional images should do!