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Newcastle Photographer - Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Photo taken for the 'Newcastle Photographer - Hand Dyed Shoe Company' story

Being a Photographer in Newcastle Upon Tyne means I get the opportunity to work with some amazing people working so close to me. This week gave me the chance to meet and shoot an amazing guy who has recently set up a very nice business making the most gorgeous shoes I have ever shot! The Hand Dyed Shoe Company Is based in Durham but has some very big plans for a very great product. 

I Have to admit that I'm a bit of a footwear-aholic but mostly with my outdoor wear than formal shoes. That said from the moment that Simon got some of the un-dyed product out of the box that these shoes were going to be amazing. From the look of them to the care and dedication needed to turn them from a raw husk in to a beautiful hand crafted piece of art.  

My images were needed to give a little push and have some images to promote the brand and expand the reach on social media with a bank of relevant images. Working on the premise of Newcastle/Gateshead would be a goood location but also the urban nature of the graffiti walls would bring a different feel to those images already in the company archive. The images of the dying process allowed a journey to be taken by the viewer and also gave me the chance to do a nice little behind the scenes video too! 


As with most of my commercial and fashion photography shoots, this is only the start of the relationship. We have already started to discuss more shoots and also what opportunities I can curate with my existing network of Newcastle Upon Tyne clients. 

Something I have recently started doing on appropriate shoots is a small video of some behind the scenes of a session. In this case it just shows how much time goes in to even a small bit of the making process. Ok maybe I wish I had spotted where my lines were and not had me in the video on my phone a bit but it was doing work I promise;-) 

 Do you like the look of this? 

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