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Newcastle Photographer - Evolution LLP Newcastle Launch Night

Photo taken for the 'Newcastle Photographer - Evolution LLP Newcastle Launch Night' story

As a Newcastle photographer I get asked along to a few events over the year but mostly to work and take images of great and exciting events. Last night was a nice change to get an invite to the launch of the Newcastle Office of Evolution LLP as a guest and I didnt need to bring my camera! Come on you think I would turn up to anything without one? Yes I obviously had one with me. 

The event was a great opportunity to have a chat with some of the Evolution team that I already know but also to natter with some of their clients and see what work they are doing. 

The trip out to Newcastle city centre on an evening also gave me the chance to shoot a few street photography images. Now I have to admit that it has been many years since I was shooting on the streets of Leeds waiting of things to happen in front of me, Its amazing how running a photography business takes away all that iem you had for shooting things for fun! 

As with many photographers I started off with a camera as a hobby and over time the business developed and the fun shoots got less and less frequent. I was a keen wildlife photographer and enjoyed the odd landscape too, Its a while since I have been out waiting for some cool light or a red squirrel to poke his head out. 

So after some chats this week on twitter with some photo friends i'm going to make an effort to get out there and get a few more images for me as a fan of the north east rather than just a Newcastle photographer;-) Would you be interested in seeing my take on a few more disciplines? 

What type of things would like to see me shoot? 

Drop me an email

Have a great week


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