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Newcastle Fashion Photographer - Hand Dyed Shoe Company (Again)

Photo taken for the 'Newcastle Fashion Photographer - Hand Dyed Shoe Company (Again)' story

One of the many awesome things in my work as a Newcastle fashion photographer is the chance I get to work closely with some truly innovative local north-east companies.  This recent shoot gave me the opportunity to continue my working relationship with the amazing Hand Dyed Shoe Co.  Check out some more images from the shoot below.

Simon, the owner of the Hand Dyed Shoe Co., is the model in this shoot.  I first worked with Simon last year, when I got some great shots of the making of the shoes.  At the Hand Dyed Shoe Co., each handmade Italian shoe is painstakingly dyed by hand to create a unique, individual patina.  The results are stunning, as you can see!

This time around, I was working with Simon to grab some promotional images for the company’s new lines.  As the Hand Dyed Shoe Co. is looking to use my bespoke images to spread the brand’s presence on social media, it was a fantastic opportunity to use my experience of creating shots with a fashion feel.  This shoot focused on the different colours available and the individual, creative detailing featured on the company’s new lines.

As a Newcastle fashion photographer, it’s great to get the chance to explore different locations in this fantastic city and use a range of backdrops to complement my fashion images.  This shoot took place around the Jesmond Three Sixty building adjacent to Jesmond Metro station, with the slightly grittier urban location serving to offset and showcase the individuality of the shoes, lending the photographs an especially current fashion feel.

The Hand Dyed Shoe Co. has an original, high quality ethos which is echoed in my own creative, professional style as a Newcastle fashion photographer, with our collaboration resulting not only in a fun day out ;) but also some unique images to further promote the brand on social media.  I always love the chance to work closely with businesses to create bespoke, high quality images to help capture and complement each company’s unique style.  Perhaps I can assist your business in the same way?  Get in touch and we’ll have a natter


Here's a few more photos...