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Newcastle Creative Photography - Northern lights aurora watching in Northumberland

Photo taken for the 'Newcastle Creative Photography - Northern lights aurora watching in Northumberland' story

Like this Newcastle Photographer, where you watching the Aurora last night? Well last night was fun. I missed the early announcement that there was a good chance of seeing the aurora over Northumberland and was only alerted when my cousin messaged me saying it was going loopy!

After a grab of my camera and a run out the door I could see it from my back yard with the naked eye! I didn't realise at the time this was to be the best view I would have of it all night!

With a drive out to places I new would have a low  horizon all seeing full of lads in cars smoking I kept driving.... and got to Scotland, Carter Bar at least. 

The kp level was dropping all the time but got a few images up there before realising that everyone and his dog was at St Mary's lighthouse getting an amazing show! 

Having been up in the artic circle in the middle of a geomagnetic storm, this wasn't quite the same but i'm really glad to have seen the northern lights in my home county. 

Here's a few more photos...