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New starts in September

Photo taken for the 'New starts in September' story

This week was all change in the Forster household.  Lisa is back at work so daddy Daycare has taken over!  From your perspective nothing will change, I'm still shooting lots and providing creative commercial photography around Newcastle and the North east. Some of you I see at networking things will just be seeing more of me with a buggy and a smiling eating Daisy on board. 

This week was the start of this and I have managed to get out of the country... ok only up the road to Scotland but still that counts doesn't it?  Also I have been out and about meeting some fantastic people.  From the awesome Faye Darcy chatting about weddings and events, i'm looking forward to some very cool stuff going forward. 

Following Faye it was the turn of a very secret group of creatives that will all be revealed in the very near future... I want to say more but at the moment its a little early for an announcement. I will only say that its awesome to be part of a fun group that will potentially make some massive improvements to businesses across the North East. 

Today, not sure if this is the end of the week but its when i'm writing so this will have to do. I met Kate, who is an awesome person with so many strings to her bow and a pleasure to chat too about a range of creative things. Go and check out her fashion brand Miss Kiki Salon. I have to say its great walking out of a meeting so positive and enthused. Follow that with meeting my Big Sis in Business Nicola from Sparkle Communications. Sitting and chatting through new options and ideas to push both of our North East commercial businesses forward. 

If you are thinking of refreshing your business photography please get in touch and we can figure out ways to push creative boundaries and make your business stand out from the crowd. 




Here's a few more photos...