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Media Borne - Find your creative voice

Photo taken for the 'Media Borne - Find your creative voice' story

For the last 5 years, I have really enjoyed my photography business, working for myself has always been something that I have been thrilled by. In February a new opportunity came my way that has opened up a world of new possibilities. So A new partnership was formed and here I am now 6 months into a new business....

My business partner Chris and I now offer a massive range of services that encompass all of those that I used to offer on my own but with so many other new ones, from video, timelapse and drone work. I'm very much still a photographer and love bringing my skills to your business, you should just see this as something more of a wrap around service you can get from me which you couldn't get before. 

Here is a bit more about the background of the company and what we can do for your company. 

Media Borne prides itself on being able to bring a range of skills and expertise to all projects. Having excelled with a range of companies both locally (Port of Blyth), nationally (National Trust, BBC & Buzzfeed) and internationally (ENEL & Accenture) we have a bank of satisfied customers. Each Director of the business (Gavin & Chris) brings a wealth of skills from their previous businesses to the table: Our Director of Photography, Gavin, is an award-winning photographer, having won various photography awards and was recently the FSB regional Micro Business of the year winner 2018. With 8 years of professional experience, he has worked alongside some of the best photographers in Yorkshire and the North East, gaining a wealth of skills to complement his own unique style. Chris, our Director of Videography, is a professional videographer and CAA fully qualified drone pilot with 5 years experience of flying a range of professional drones. He has significant experience in delivering high-quality corporate videos for growth industries in the North East, for example within the Energy and Logistics sector for staff inductions and project progression.

Media Borne blends this wealth of expertise, allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of content creation. Our unique style of videography allows us to capture relaxed, natural sequences that show a true reflection of the staff, environments and processes. Our meticulous delivery and uniquely cinematic approach to creating video content, utilising storyboards to 'tell the story' rather than simpley documenting events, allows us to deliver contextual videos that are more engaging to the end user. Over the last few years, drone filming has become much more popular – with simple flyovers now becoming mainstream content - however we pride ourselves on creating drone timelapse and hyperlapses, continuing to push the creative boundaries to give Media Borne's clients that innovative feel to make their projects 'stand out from the crowd'.

Media Borne's bank of specialist equipment enables us to bring a new perspective to timelapses. Traditionally these are a static technique, capturing the passage of time from a fixed point. However, we have brought this forward with our cutting-edge gimbals and slider rigs allowing us to capture this passage of time whilst slowly panning across a scene. These innovative and creative productions add a new dimension to showing places and vistas in a unique way that is naturally more engaging for the audience.


The North East has always been home to Media Borne's directors, Gavin and Chris: A few years away have not dented their passion for the area and its people. At the heart of Media Borne is a commitment to raising the profile of the North East and improving the lives of the communities within it. We have a corporate promise to do our work with integrity and only work with clients who we believe share our values and ethics. As part of our corporate social responsibility this year, we have pledged to support Willowburn Hospice through skills donations and content creation.