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Fitness Fashion Photography Newcastle - UP Clothing

Photo taken for the 'Fitness Fashion Photography Newcastle - UP Clothing' story

Working with Newcastle upon Tyne and North East businesses is something I really enjoy and love to bring my creative flare to their company. Being able to work with fashion brands is great for my creativity and allows me to find and use locations that may not be appropriate for my office based clients. 

The North east has so many opportunities to shoot fashion inspired photography. From the beaches of Embleton and Bamburgh, to the urban architecture of Ouseburn and the Quayside.  Its great being able to scout locations and use them to show off items of clothing or the location to the best it can be. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with a new and fresh company based here in the north east but already getting in the national press! Unique Physique (UP Clothing) is an online fitness clothing brand that gives both functional and fashionable items. 

This shoot was envisaged to create a set of images to have on the front page of the new website and also provide a launch platform for the new womens range of items. I always try to look at the aspirational elements of the brand and find locations that fit. Although the brand is local to Newcastle, putting the items in a 'Newcastle' setting wasn't really the aim as sales of the items will be world wide. So after discussing it with the owner of the company we focused on finding locations that were urban but not showing much of the bridges. 

The quayside provides an array of opportunities for stunning light and hopefully the final set of images show that off. I don't want to give away al of my secrets on where exactly this was all shot but i'm sure you can fine some of the places. Oh sorry the menswear was down the quayside but the womens wear was up near the civic centre. 

Not long after this shoot was signed off the brand took an unexpected jump in awareness when George Shelley entered the I'm a Celebrity jungle wearing some UP Clothing! Not bad really;-)

This video shows some of the behind the scenes footage. If your company is looking for some new fashion photography images or any other type of creative photography, please do get in touch and we can see what is possible for your business.



?(Massive thanks to Natalie, Brooke, Matt & Connor for modeling!)

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