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Double Concentrate Party

Photo taken for the 'Double Concentrate Party' story

Last month I had the opportunity to go along to the Double Concentrate first birthday party. Having worked with the team on the development of this site I wasn’t expecting smoking jackets and cigars… to say I was shocked by the fun and chaos that was going on was an understatement! How many events do you go to when you get to be part of the green screen massive (yes I looked a fool) and eat some of the most awesome food I have ever had!

Being able to network with other creatives over a can of coke (I was driving) was great with some fantastic leads and hopefully some more collaborations in the future.

It’s fun to attend events with other creatives from different backgrounds. It often sparks ideas and takes me out of the taking of pictures world and into the thinking creatively about taking pictures world, which is always a good thing.

Double Concentrate have taken me on a fantastic journey in the last 6 months. They made me focus on my brand and message to allow me to push this business further and lead to working with even more awesome clients.

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