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Dane Curran, Photographer, Biker, Friend.

Photo taken for the 'Dane Curran, Photographer, Biker, Friend.' story

Some days I get asked to photograph things that are tough, today was one of those days. Dane Curran was a great friend of mine and worked with me on various shoots and weddings. Last week he was tragically taken from us in a motorbike accident.  I have found it very tough this week as i'm sure you have seen on my social media. 

Dane was a great photographer but more importantly he was a great person. He was a youth worker for Hexham Youth Initiative and had a positive impact on so many lives in the Tyne valley. 

Today was a memorial ride out arranged by some fantastic friends he had in the North east biking community. I'm not sure of the exact numbers as yet but there was well over 300 bikers from all over the north came out to show remember Dane as the smiling happy person he was.  fromt he start at the Earl of Zetland in North Shields, through to the Roadhouse grill, a pick up at Woodhorn then through to a car park looking over the stunning Bamburgh Castle, the roads were a wash with friends. From there the group headed back down the coast to the very welcoming OK Diner on the A19. 

I'm not the best with the written word so i'm going to finish with something written by Dane's sister Zoe her words were so strong this week when I was struggling. The whole of Dane's family was fantastic today in such tough times. 

I miss you already mate


'Is not was!'

Each time you speak of me do not say I 'was'.
I'm very much an 'is' still, in the centre of your hearts.

I'm standing here beside you, open your eyes and you'll see. 
Think of all I've told you, and remember what makes me, me.

I'm right here laughing, and poking fun at you. 
You know I know smiling, is the only way to get through.

Open your ears and hear me, when you cry I'm calling you names. 
Even though my body's gone you know I'd never change.

Don't be scared to sleep, and dream of me all night, 
I'm lying here beside you, squeezing you really tight.

Fill your stomach with bread and cakes, it's really not a waste.
I'm here dining with you and I taste everything you taste.

Listen to your favourite songs again, watch something good on TV. 
I want to hear them too, come on entertain me!

Look at my photos please, I've worked hard on them. 
I made them all for you, my family and you my friend.

And don't forget my lessons, I'm here shouting at you! 
Flush that pack of cigarettes down the nearest loo!

Please take my inspiration, go in the world where you wanted to go. 
Watch all the beautiful sunsets and photograph the glow.

Make a difference, in whatever way.
Photography, music, youth work, just start it all today.

Come on guys this sadness is kind of lame. Grin, give sorrow the middle finger and be a little more 'Dane'!


Here's a few more photos...