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Commercial Photography Teeside - Spreading my wings

Photo taken for the 'Commercial Photography Teeside - Spreading my wings' story

As i'm sure you have spotted of late I have been expanding my reach and providing commercial photography further round the north east. These last couple of week I have had the chance to visit more of Teeside. The main driver for this has been building relationships with Evolution LLP. A fantastic company providing not only financial support but way more! Go and have a nosey and see if they can help your business. There are not many other financial groups that offer a range of services from branding to management consultancy and virtual office features. My offer to them was to be able to bring an amount of creative commercial photography to their clients allowing them to stand out from their competitors locally. 

One of the visits to Wynyard Hall this month was for commercial photography reasons rather than my normal visits which are for weddings! Emily asked me along to the Tees Valley Business club event that brought together a plethora of business in the area to network and find opportunities for joint working. As most of you know i'm always up for a chat to people that I can potentially work with in the future.  These few images are from the night on my little camera I always have in my bag. From the talks by the Bank of England and Tees Valley Unlimited highlight the funds available to help SSI workers and supply chain businesses, the whole event was great to see local businesses taking the opportunity to discuss their successes and opportunities for future working together. 

I have also included a couple of images from a drive back from one of my other visits to the area! The sea front was amazing. Seeing the off shore wind farms and the massive ships heading out of port was a sign to me of potential and growth. The sad news of SSI has hit the area hard but local businesses have come together and given support where they can, taking on staff and apprentices is key to keeping peoples hopes and aspriations high. 

I'm really looking forward to being able to provide more commercial and business photography to Teeside in 2016. If you would like to chat more about how I can help and support your business please get in touch.



Here's a few more photos...