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A week in the life of a Professional Commercial Photographer in Northumberland

Photo taken for the 'A week in the life of a Professional Commercial Photographer in Northumberland' story

Being a professional photographer, each week is very different. This for example included trips too:

Aydon castle

Prudhoe golf club

Shortflatt tower

Kielder reservoir

Tour of Britain in Prudhoe


?Its great to be able to create images for very different businesses, it keeps the creative juices flowing.  I aim to produce creative images in every shoot so this week was no different with some long exposures of the Tour of Britain or playing around with light in the clean room of GlowLED.  Ok maybe the trip to Prudhoe Golf Club was a mini break for me this week but I got the camera out on my phone so you get to see it. This last week should also include shooting weddings all weekend too but there is a different website for that!  But I have to say that Alnwick Tree house and Horton grange are awesome wedding photography venues;-) 

There have been loads of things in the planning stage too. Again some of those I'm not really in a position to spill the beans on but if I said is was a collaborative team project that will be able to offer some very unique solutions to your business needs...that maybe doesn't sound as exciting as I wanted too but when I can pass over more information I will. 

This next week will involve some more shooting but also some very cool discussions with people for future photography projects. Here are some cryptic words about some of the plans:

Super vets in action

A Long hitting Champion

Some Yorkshire naming

I'm sure that there are some more things in the ether but as ever they can come in a bit late in the day in this job!  If you have been thinking of getting in touch about your professional photography needs please feel free to drop me an email or call


Here's a few more photos...