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6 Months

Photo taken for the '6 Months' story

I have been crazy busy in the last 6 months, hence the quiet on here. So here is a little video showing some of the stuff I have been up too. Staring loads of amazing companies and people. It doesn't cover all of my shoots but gives a feel of the type of things I have been doing. Hopefully over the next 6 months I get more time to be able to tell you more about what I have been up to and some of the new and exciting things that are floating round in the planning process. 

That said i'm always up for a chat to figure out what you would like to see and what things would benefit your business. The things I have in mind are awesome but if you have an idea or a specific need please get in touch for a chat and a cuppa. My office here in Newcastle Business park has amazing views and the kettle is always on so give me a ring or email and we can get a time slot booked in for you.